Investor Relations

MPE is currently involved in the development of a number of highly profitable, commercial scale Algae farms.

These are co-located (in close proximity) to industrial entities which emit CO2. The algae farms thus developed are based on process technology developed by See Algae Technology GmbH (SAT) based in Vienna, Austria.

MPE plans to engage in a number of Algae Farm/Plant projects both within South Africa and throughout sub-Saharan Africa.

SAT’s business model is to sell a turn-key solution for an algae farm/plant to be developed on behalf of their customers. However, many of their prospective customers (i.e. CO2 emitting entities) do not have the appetite to invest in an expensive (albeit profitable) algae-growing farm/business. This is because most often such a venture bears no relation to (and therefore does not fit) with their core business model.

However, with the current international attention to climate change and global warming issues and, more especially, recent indications that the SA government is serious about introducing a CO2 tax, most CO2 emitting industrial entities are eager to make some effort to either curtail their GHG emissions or at least sequestrate them. And this applies more especially to CO2 emissions which tend to be the largest percentage of GHG emissions for fossil fuel burning industries.

MPE’s conviction is that CO2 should not be viewed as an unwanted waste product that causes environmental pollution, but rather as a latent asset waiting to be taken advantage of. After all, nature has for years used CO2 to grow food. The new value proposition therefore is to integrate food and fuel production into existing CO2 emitting companies and in the process generate revenue or “green profits” (among other benefits such as job creation) from the CO2 captured. The revenue generated could partly be utilized as a “Carbon revolving fund” to finance large scale carbon storage solutions.

There is therefore massive scope for prospective investors to put money into one or more of these projects.

Please contact us for further information on current projects and investment opportunities.

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