Algae Bio-Refineries developed by MPE are based on patented process technology designed by See Algae Technology GmbH (SAT) with whom a technology marketing and development partnership has been established.

SAT is an Austrian company founded in 2011 that has developed and patented bioreactors that use a bio-solar technology for the commercial production of algae based compounds. SAT operates a pilot plant in cooperation with an Austrian power utility company where their technology is continually researched and further developed.

Bioreactors – Sunlight Supply

The technology uses proprietary bioreactors combined with solar collectors that concentrate the sunlight and then evenly distribute it inside the bioreactors using proprietary optical fibers and light distribution technology.


Bioreactors – CO2 supply

Tiny bubbles of CO² are introduced into the bottom of the bioreactors using a proprietary membrane system which enables the CO² to be perfectly accessible for consumption by the algae growing & multiplying in the bioreactors.

Algae Harvesting – Flocculation/Flotation

Algae is harvested from the algae-water suspension by pre-concentration using flocculation and flotation technologies, after which the algae is separated into its lipid (algal oil) and residual high-protein “cake” components.

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Algae Farm Size

SAT Algae Production Units can be built (in one hectare module size increments) to occupy from 1 hectare to 200 hectares. However, we consider any plant layout of 10 or more hectares to be the most financially & commercially attractive option.

Production Pathways

SAT offers two alternative plant layouts using differing production pathways – one for natural algae, and one for GM algae.

The natural algae production pathway consists of a dual phototrophic and mixotrophic algae growth process using carbon dioxide, water and nutrients.

The GM algae production pathway is a photosynthetic growth process in which the algae secrete ethanol into the water medium. Once the water-algae-ethanol suspension reaches a certain concentration, the algae is removed (and either returned to the PBR to work another cycle) while the water-ethanol suspension is further processed to extract the alcohol using standard distillation processes.


SAT Algae Plants can profitably serve all potential markets for algae derived products ranging from biofuels (diesel, kerosene or ethanol) to protein (for animal feed) and, at the top-end of the market, nutritionals (Omega-3 oils) or nutraceuticals/pharmaceuticals for human consumption.

Please also view See Algae Technology’s website for further information:

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