Project Business Development

MPE recognizes that to a large extent developing algae farms that will be co-located to existing industrial entities that emit CO2 will constitute non-core business activity for the primary entity. The process of development an Algae Bio-Refinery begins with identifying a CO2 producing source and engaging the primary C02 to determine level of interest in participating in the development of an Algae farm using CO2 produced by the operations.

Driving Forces

There are many driving forces for deciding to initiate development of an Algae farm co-located to an industrial entity emitting CO2.

• Mitigating CO2 emissions coupled with value recovery of a product previously considered as an environmental pollutant.

• Synergies with existing business operations. This particularly involves use of products derived from the Algae Bio-Refinery to supplement an existing business process or create a new business unit that adds value to a company’s existing product portfolio.

Key Resources

To determine if a specific project site is ideal for co-locating an algae farm, a number of key resources and criteria need to assessed at a very high level

CO2 availability

Algae cultivating needs CO2 as a primary feedstock amongst other critical inputs. However, CO2 plays an important role in the entire production process that the location of an algae farm is always dependent on the availability of CO2 and its proximity. The proximity of the CO2 source to the algae farming site is critical as a cost determining factor. Ideal sites are therefore sites that are adjacent to the CO2 source requiring short pipeline distances to connect the source to the algae farm

MPE’s turnkey solution provides for the capture, cleaning, concentration and transportation and storage of the CO2 for subsequent use in algae cultivation

Land availability

The ideal source must have suitable piece of land adjacent for co-locating the algae farm. Typically the minimum land size for the base module plant is 1ha + 0.5ha for ancillary buildings and related space for parking and dispatch. The optimum is 15ha production space + 1ha for ancillary building buildings and related space for parking and dispatch.

The land intended for developing an algae farm must ideally be flat or level ground requiring minimal civil construction works.

Solar Radiation

The ideal site must also have adequate solar radiation for optimum algal growth. Ideally areas with an annual average temperature greater than 15oC are suitable for algae cultivation on a sustainable commercial basis.To check for a site’s solar radiation level, please visit

Other Climatic Conditions

The preferred site should also be less susceptible to severe winters, storms and monsoon

Market off-take Agreements

MPE is part of a group of companies spearheading

Project Development

With the site identified, the next phase is to undertake detailed project development preparatory activities. This process entails undertaking a number of key activities to include:

 Pre-Feasibility study

• Site Assessment
• CO2 Resource Assessment
• Solar Resource Assessment
• Utility Resource Assessment
• Logistics Supply Assessment
• Market Demand and Analysis
• Stakeholder Analysis
• Preliminary System Design
• Technology implementation Cost Estimates
• Financial Model
• Preliminary Business Model and structure

Fatal Flow Analysis

Preliminary Project Investment Evaluation

Feasibility Study

• Extended assessment of PFS including
• Legal requirements• Permitting and Regulatory overview
• Project Plan
• Financial Model
• Business Plan and Structure

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

Project Construction

MPE works with well-established and experienced EPCM and other specialist contractors to construct the Algae Farms.

Operations and Maintenance

Algae Bio-Refineries are state-of-art fully automated process plants with trained operational staff managed by MPE.

Where possible and practical MPE prefers to pursue a synergetic approach to maintenance using maintenance staff from the existing industrial entity to which the Bio-Refinery is co-located.

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