Production Pathways

MPE uses the SAT commercial infrastructure for production of algae based compounds. The SAT process platform has two production pathways;

• Lipids based compounds pathway

• Alcohol based compounds pathway


Lipids Pathway

The Lipids pathway primarily produces algae biomass from which lipids are extracted resulting in co-product high in protein which finds wide application in livestock and aquaculture feed as a protein supplement.

The Lipids can be further separated into a biofuels feedstock or high value feedstock suitable for Nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.

High value products tend to provide higher revenue streams. For this reason, MPE’s preferred business model is first to produce a higher proportion of high value lipids feedstock that facilitates a quicker return on investment. If the economics allow, after the CAPEX has been paid back, the business model can be altered to allow for an increased component of biofuels feedstock.

For customers seeking alternative and sustainable biofuels feedstock, the business model can be tailor made to produce a higher biofuels feedstock with the full understanding the return on investment will take much longer.

Alcohol Production Pathway

The Alcohol pathway produces an alcohol-water suspension suitable for further distillation using standard of the shelf distillery column technology

Product Portfolio

Business Model

business_modelThe vast array of algae species that can be exploited for commercial use gives rise to multiple business models that can be adopted for different applications.

• The generic structure of developing an algae bio-refinery is indicated below.

• SAT – MPE uses commercial infrastructure developed and patented by See Algae Technology (SAT)

• MPE – Markets and develop algae bio-refineries as Algae Farm concessions up to point before construction begins.

• Project Sponsor – provides CO2 + Land and other available resources

• Investors – Inject project development finance

• Stakeholders – Any entity whether government, regulatory authority or private entity with a vested interest in the project


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